Youth Interclub Race 1 Results

Categories: Underage

Here are the results from our first league race on Monday 18 July. Well done to everyone who participated there was some very exciting racing across all groups..

Next weeks race will be grass track and will take place at Shanganagh Park. We will meet at the Front entrance at 7:15.

Hope to see everyone there




  TT Time
Bailey crean 04:50
Emily Crean 05:39
Jessica Crean 06:27
Sophie Crean 06:18
Deasun Byrne 03:37
Finn Buck 02:58
Eanna Buck 03:58
georgia Dobbs 04:18
Sophie Dobbs 03:59
Daniel Donohue 03:47
Finn Harris 02:59
Noah Harris 03:05
Macdaire Johnston 03:40
Rachael Dore 03:20


Race 1
1st Sophie Crean
2nd Eanna Buck
3rd Bailey Crean
4th Georgia Dobbs
5th Emily Crean
6th Jessica Crean
7th Sophie Dobbs


Race 2
1st Finn Harris
2nd Noah Harris
3rd Finn Buck
4th Rachael Dore
5th Macdaire Johnston
6th Daniel Donohue
7th Deasun Byrne
Race 3
1st Jessica Crean
2nd Sophie Crean
3rd Emily Crean
4th Bailey Crean
5th Geogia Dobbs
6th Sophie Dobbs
7th Eanna Buck
Race 4
1st Macdaire Johnston
2nd Daniel Donohue
3rd Rachael Dore
4th Deasun Byrne
5th Noah Harris
6th Finn Harris
7th Finn Buck