Youth InterClub League Results – Races 3 & 4

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The Youth Interclub League continued with Race 3, a circuit race held in Corkagh Park, Cycling Ireland’s purpose built cycling circuit, and saw a great turnout of young riders. Race 4 was the mountain bike race, held in Ballinastoe, and had one of the best turnouts this year.


All events feature a time trial, followed by a series of handicapped races.


Race 3 – Monday 10th August 2015, Corkagh Park – Results
8s Timetrial

Liam Coulcher 3.08

Noah Harris 2.24

Luca Holmes 2.27

Faith Robinson 3.09

Eanna Buck 3.20

Alex Moore 2.48

Alicia Coulcher 3.00


10s Timetrial

Alice O’Brien 2.47

Deasún Byrne 2.46

Finn Buck 2.32

Killian O’Brien 2.21

Finn Harris 2.14


12s Timetrial

Lorcan Cattle 2.08

Andrew Ryan 1.54

Garret Keogh 2.10


14s Timetrial

Uisneach Sheridan 1.59

Joshua Kelly 2.55


Handicapped Races
Race 1

1st Alice OBrien

2nd Faith Robinson

3rd Deasún Byrne

4th Liam Coulcher

5th Alicia Coulcher

6th Alex Moore

7th Eanna Buck



Race 2

1st Killian O’Brien

2nd Luca Holmes

3rd Noah Harris

4th Andrew Ryan

5th Garret Keogh

6th Finn Harris

7th Lorcan Cattle

8th Uisneach Sheridan



Race 4 – Monday 17th August 2015, Ballinastoe – Results

Eanna Buck 4.48

Alice O’Brien 4.38

Killian O’Brien 3.37

Daniel Donohue 3.42

Finn Buck 2.56

James Urell 4.03

Finn Harris 3.34

Noah Harris 3.03

Oisin May 2.35

Alex Moore 3.50


U12s (long lap)

Brendan Conroy 5.50

Deasún Byrne RTD


U14s (long lap)

Andrew Ryan 7.02

Caoimhe May 6.15


U16s (long lap)

Ciaran Keogh 5.46

Orla Conroy 6.18

Lara Gillespie 5.39

Uisneach Sheridan 6.50

Joshua Kelly RTD


Race 1 – U10s

1st Daniel Donohue

2nd Finn Harris

3rd Oisin May

4th James Urell

5th Killian O’Brien

6th Eanna Buck

7th Alice O’Brien

8th Noah Harris

9th Finn Buck

10th Alex Moore


Race 2 – U 12s U14s U16s

1st Uisneach Sheridan

2nd Ciaran Keogh

3rd Caoimhe May

4th Lara Gillespie

5th Brendan Conroy

RTD Andrew Ryan


Well done all!