Weekend & Tuesday Night Training Spins

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There has been a 9am group leaving from Kilmacanogue regularly over the winter months that goes at a faster pace than the 10 o’clock long spin. As the racing season is around the corner (Sunday February 15th) we are now pushing this spin back to 9.30am on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the coming few weeks.

These spins are aimed at all members that will be racing in the Bray Wheelers colours over the coming season, whether that be in A4, A3, A2 or A1. While that may sound daunting to our new members, in reality, the vast majority of the people in these groups are racing in the A4 and A3 categories. The spins will likely be in the order of 100-120km from Kilmac return. A lot of people ask, worry and get hung up about average speed – it depends. It depends on the route, the number that turn up, the weather on the day. The training may seem hard, but then so is racing, and everybody needs to suffer every now and then to bring them along. So Juniors, new to A4, A3, Vets and ladies now is your time to step away from the 10 o’clock spin and get involved with the chain gang. To ensure quality of training, we will try to have smaller groups of between 6-8 people.

A few points to note though
– if it’s raining or the roads are wet, please have a rear mudguard on the bike or be prepared to sit at the back all day. No one wants a face full of your wheel spray.
– there won’t be a coffee stop mid-spin, please bring enough food and drink to do you possibly up to four hours on the bike.
– unlike the 10am spin, these spins will not all head south via the N11. Some will go the N11, some will go the coast road, some may turn off at Newtown, some may go up Long Hill. So in that regard all members are asked to make the effort to join the group at Kilmacanogue for 9.30. It’s likely that if the spin doesn’t head out the N11 that it will come home that way so our members in Wicklow town can turn off there.

For anyone that still feels like they are a little away from joining the group, Tony Martin will run some additional training into the 10 spin every weekend.


In addition to this our 2015 Tuesday Night Training sessions are going to commence @ 7.30 on 13th January from the kilmacanogue fly over. These training sessions are recommended for members who plan to ride club races or open races.

– All club members 16 years old and over are welcome.
– Due to the dangers associated with cycling at night.
– All riders must wear a reflective jacket/vest.
– All bikes must have a working front and rear light.
– ALL participants must be members of Bray Wheelers and Cycling Ireland or I.V.C.A.
– Training groups will be formed to suit riders ability.
For any queries in relation to the Tuesday nights, please contact Mark Murphy – 0868104648

See you on the road!