Underage Interclub League – Round 4 Results

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There was a great turnout last Monday at Shanganagh Park, please see below the results of Timetrial and Handicapped Races.
Track Event
The track event takes place this Sunday, as follows:
Sun 25th August 2013 – Track Race and Skills Competition, 2pm in Track in Crumlin
Please bring own bikes, as track bikes may be limited in numbers
Please note the earlier time of 7pm on Monday for the prizenight
Mon 26th August 2013 –  Slideshow, Refreshments and Prize Presentation, at 7pm, Bray Wheelers Clubhouse
Becky Dore has very kindly offered to co-ordinate the catering, so if you are able to bring some cakes etc, if you could please let Becky know, so she will know in advance – Thanks!!
Becky Dore 087 677 8270
There will be medals for ALL participants, and also there will be a variety of spot prizes on the night, so hope to see everyone there!
There will be a slideshow of photos from the league, so it should be a great evening.
Underage Interclub League – Event 4, Shanganagh Park, MTB, Results
Brendan Conroy 0.31
Daniel Donoghue 0.44
Daniel Fleming 0.52
Owen O’Shaughnessy 0.42
Noah Harris 0.47
Finn Harris 0.39
Molly O’Bric 0.51
Ethan Mackey 0.36
Sean Lundy 0.41
Andrew Ryan 0.38
Keyleigh Moorehouse 0.50
Julianne Mulcahy 0.55
Alex Mulcahy 0.53
Faith Robinson 0.57
Sean Conroy 0.30
Lauren Haverty .044
Uisneach Sheridan 0.41
Orla Conroy 0.32
Mika Ryan 0.33
Ciaran Keogh 0.34
Donnchadh Mulvaney 0.56
Craig Pritchard 0.37
Adam Doherty 0.37
Sean Cronin 0.32
Race 1
1st Faith Robinson
2nd Alex Mulcahy
3rd Noah Harris
4th Kayleigh Moorehouse
5th Owen Shaughnessy
6th Daniel Fleming
7th Sean Lundy
8th Finn Harris
9th Daniel Donoghue
10th Molly O’Bric
11th Donnchadh Mulvaney
12th Julianne Mulcahy
Race 2
1st Lauren Haverty
2nd Uisneach Sheridan
3rd Andrew Ryan
4th Craig Pritchard
5th Ethan Mackey
6th Adam Doherty
Race 3
1st Ciaran Keogh
2nd Brenda Conroy
3rd Orla Conroy
4th Mika Ryan
5th Sean Cronin
6th Sean Conroy