Underage InterClub League Races 4 and 5 – Results

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There was a great turnout at the Youth Prizenight last Monday evening!! Thanks to all who brought all the tasty home baked treats!!


Well done to all the Youth riders who took part this year, the league was very well supported, and thanks a million to all who helped to make the youth interclub league such a success!!


Anyone who could not make it can collect their medals from Mark Murphy or myself.




We will have a short break, and then resume our spins, which take place every second Sunday afternoon, at different locations.


These spins will start on Sunday 21st Sept at 2pm, with the first spin at Shanganagh Park. Schedule for subsequent dates to follow soon.


As always, all clubs who took part in the league, and others, are very welcome to attend.




Please see below results from last two rounds in the 2014 league.



Results for Round 4, Circuit Racing, Corkagh Park, 18th August


Under 8s · 1 lap TT

Alicia Coulcher 3.10

Finn Lundy 4.00

Evan Caddow 2.30

Eanna Buck 3.30

Noah Harris 2.31

Molly Sheehy 5.10

Faith Robinson 3.10


Under 10s · 1 lap TT

Alice O’Brien 3.10

Killian O’Brien 2.20

Max Latham 2.50

Luke Caddow 3.20

Finn Buck 2.40

Deasun Byrne 3.00

Finn Harris 2.20

Lily Sheehy 3.00

Daniel Donohue 2.50


Under 12s · 1 lap TT

Andrew Ryan 2.10

Garret Keogh 2.20

Lauren Haverty 2.55

Seán Lundy 2.20


Under 14s · 1 lap TT

Jamie Lappin 2.20

Soul Wyse 2.25

Orla Conroy 2.10

Hannah Tilley 2.25

Kevin Lahiff 2.00

Adam Doherty 1.55



1 lap Team TT · Team 1

Finn Lundy, Molly Sheehy 4.27


1 lap Team TT · Team 2

Alicia Coulcher, Eanna Buck, Faith Robinson, Alice O’Brien 4.09


1 lap Team TT · Team 3

Max Latham, Deasun Byrne, Lily Sheehy, Daniel Donohue 3.20


1 lap Team TT · Team 4

Evan Caddow, Noah Harris, Killian O’Brien, Luke Caddow, Finn Buck, Finn Harris 2.40


1 lap Team TT · Team 5

Garret Keogh, Sean Lundy, Jamie Lappin, Hannah Tilley 2.40


1 lap Team TT · Team 6

Lauren Haverty, Soul Wyse, Andrew Ryan, Orla Conroy, Kevin Lahiff, Adam Doherty 2.30


Handicapped Races


Race 1

1st Faith Robinson

2nd Alice O’Brien

3rd Finn Harris

4th Finn Lundy

5th Alicia Coulcher

6th Killian O’Brien

7th Lily Sheehy

8th Noah Harris

9th Eanna Buck

10th Max Latham

11th Evan Caddow

12th Finn Buck

13th Daniel Donohue

14th Luke Caddow

15th Molly Sheehy


Race 2

1st Soul Wyse

2nd Lauren Haverty

3rd Adam Doherty

4th Sean Lundy

5th Andrew Ryan

6th Garret Keogh

7th Orla Conroy

8th Hannah Tilley

9th Jamie Lappin






Results for Round 5, Track Racing, 25th August

100m TT · Under 8s/10s

Eanna Buck                    17.67

Alicia Coulcher               19.11

Molly Sheehy                 22.37

Liam Coulcher                 21.80

Finn Lundy                       17.19

Alice O’Brien                    17.28

Lily Sheehy                      16.60

Deasun Byrne                 17.63

Max Latham                    15.64

Killian O’Brien                  14.78

Finn Buck                           15.83

Rachel Dore                      15.59

Maurice Dore plus 2      16.87


Under 8 Race 2 laps

1st Rachel Dore

2nd Alicia Coulcher

3rd Eanna Buck

4th Finn Lundy

5th Liam Coulcher

6th Molly Sheehy


Under 8 Slow bike race

1st Liam Coulcher

2nd Rachel Dore

3rd Alicia Coulcher

4th Finn Lundy


Under 10 Race 3 laps

1st Killian O’Brien

2nd Finn Buck

3rd Lily Sheehy

4th Max Latham

5th Deasun Byrne

6th Alice O’Brien


Under 10 slow bike race

1st Max Latham

2nd Killian O’Brien

3rd Alice O’Brien

4th Deasan Byrne

5th Finn Buck

6th Lily Sheehy


500 m TT Under 12s/14s/16s


Kevin Lahiff                     49.03

Sulayman Ahmed         58.33

Jamal Ahmed                  46.47

Luke Keating                    44.63

Garett Keogh                   53.59

Orla Conroy                       52.57

Sam Massey                     51.99

Sean Lundy                       50.15

Uisneach Sheridan         43.09

Amy Martin                       47.06

Andrew Ryan                    49.70



Under 12s/14s 4 lap race, road bikes

1st Kevin Lahiff

2nd Garett Keogh

3rd Sulaymen Ahmed


Under 16s 4 lap race

1st Jamal Ahmed

2nd Luke Keating


Track bike race 5 laps

1st Uisneach Sheridan

2nd Andrew Ryan

3rd Orla Conroy

4th Sean Lundy

5th Sam Massey

6th Amy Martin


Slow bike race

1st Sulayman Ahmed

2nd Kevin Lahiff


1st Jamal Ahmed

2nd Luke Keating

3rd Andrew Ryan