Social Night 25th March

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Dear Members,

This month’s social night is taking place next Wednesday, 25th March and we have an action-packed evening planned.

With all the recent focus on the hour-record it’s looking like it’s going to be a year of speed, so we’re calling on all “quick” club men and women to go up against the clock to claim the inaugural title of BRAY WHEELERS TURBO CHAMPION! It’s an ideal opportunity to show off those carefully-honed speed skills that you’ve been working on in the cold and rain over the last few months. To take part, all you need is your bike and any kind of on-bike computer that records time and speed. You’ll have one minute to sprint as far as you can on a turbo trainer and you can make as many attempts as you like.


We’ll also have rollers available for people to try out on the night. Rollers are a great way to warm up trackside or before races, however, if you want to look the part, race day is not the time to be figuring out how to stay vertical! We’ll have help on hand to get you going so you can impress everyone with your pro-skills.

Coming into race season everyone’s busy giving the “good bike” some TLC in preparation for the miles to come. However, most people forget that their bodies need the same kind of attention to ease out any winter niggles and avoid injuries over the summer months. We’re going to have hands on deck next Wednesday giving out sports massage on a first come, first served basis. This is a great opportunity to get any aches and pains dealt with free of charge so get down early to claim your spot!

Finally, if you just fancy coming down for a chinwag or to discuss plans for the summer, there will be tea, coffee and nice things for all. The clubhouse will be open from 8-9.30pm so drop in anytime and feel free to bring any prospective members along with you.

We hope to see you then!

Bray Wheelers Committee