Results – Underage Interclub League Race 2 and 3

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Just a reminder that Round 4 of the Underage InterClub League takes place this Monday, hope to see you there:
Mon 19th August 2013 – MTB Race, 7.15pm in Shanganagh Park

Sun 25th August 2013 – Track Race and Skills Competition, 2pm in Track in Crumlin

Mon 26th August 2013 –  Slideshow, Refreshments and Prize Presentation, at 7pm, Bray Wheelers Clubhouse



Regarding the prize night

Please note the earlier time of 7pm

Anyone who would be able to bring some buns or cakes, that would be very welcome!! Thanks

And results from the last 2 events are as follows:

Underage Interclub League – Event 2, Shanganagh Park, Grasstrack, Results



Nadine Magee 3.56

Eva Sterritt 3.34

Louis Claes 4.26

Sam Claes 3.22

Brendan Conroy 3.38

Finn Harris 3.56

Lauren Heraty 4.12

Elena Mulcahy 4.54

Julianne Mulcahy 5.16

Sam Massey 3.50

Sean Lundy 3.58

Mika Ryan 2.54

Craig Pritchard 2.50

Adam Doherty 2.40

Sean Cronin 3.18

Sean Murnane 2.38

Conor Murnane 2.21

Orlan Conroy 2.54

Sean Conroy 2.56

Andrew Ryan 3.43

Alex Mulcahy 5.25

Kayleigh Moorehouse 7.28

Thia Sterritt 6.50

Rachael Dore 5.48

Molly O’Bric

Noah Harris 4.28

Sean Magee 6.04

Daniel Flemming 6.06

Mathew Cummins 5.41


Handicapped CP

1st Brendan Conroy

2nd Orla Conroy

3rd Sean Conroy

4th Elena Mulcahy

5th Sean Lundy

6th Nadine Magee

7th Andrew Ryan

8th Mathew Cummins

9th Sam Massey

10th Adam Doherty

11th Mika Ryan

12th Craig Pritchard

13th Eva Sterrit

14th Noah Harris

15th Louis Claes

16th Alex Mulcahy

17th Finn Harris

18th Thia Sterritt

19th Conor Murnane

20th Sean Magee

21st Sean Lundy

22nd Molly O’Bric

23rd Alex Mulcahy

24th Rachel Dore

25th Louis Claes

26th Kayleigh Moorehouse

27th Daniel Flemming

28th Sean Cronin



Underage Interclub League – Event 3, Corkagh Park, Circuit, Results



Andrew Ryan 2.15

Sam Massey 2.16

Molly O’Bric 3.10

Brendan Conroy 2.27

Finn Harris 2.18

Noah Harris 2.49

Lauren Haverty 3.32

Sean Conroy 2.19

Uisneach Sheridan 2.10

Cameron Ross 2.04

Ciaran Keogh 2.02

Mika Ryan 2.06

Orla Conroy 2.07

Aaron Kinlan 1.57

Oscar Dyas 2.14

Finn Buck 3.03

Rachel Dore 3.21

Adam Doherty 1.57

Adam Rochford 2.10

Patrick Mell 2.41


Handicapped CP – Race 1

1st Noah Harris

2nd Molly O’Bric

3rd Finn Buck

4th Rachael Dore


Handicapped CP – Race 2

1st Oscar Dyas

2nd Sean Conroy

3rd Brendan Conroy

4th Sam Massey

5th Finn Harris

6th Andrew Ryan

7th Patrick Mell


Handicapped CP – Race 3

1st Orla Conroy

2nd Cameron Ross

3rd Mika Ryan

4th Uisneach Sheridan

5th Ciaran Keogh

6th Aaron Kinlan

7th Adam Doherty

8th Oscar Dyas

9th Adam Rochford