Results – Underage Interclub League 1

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Great to see a big turnout of 32 riders at the first event in the Underage Interclub League at the Cullenmore Bends on Monday evening.
Thanks to all the helpers on the evening!!
Look forward to seeing everyone on Monday evening coming, which will be a grass track event in Shanganagh Park at 7.15pm.
This course will be fine for both road and mountain bikes.
Please see below results from:

Underage Interclub League – Event 1 Results

Timetrial (shorter distance for some younger riders)

Ben Docherty 5.35
Conor Murnane 6.01
Sean Murnane 6.24
Mika Ryan 7.00
Orlan Conroy 8.01
Archie Ryan 6.27
Sean Cronin 6.31
Adam Doherty 7.03
Uisneach Sheridan 8.45
Will Ryan 6.15
Sean Conroy 7.45
Cormac O’Brien 8.08
Thomas Pickford 7.10
Elena Mulcahy 12.29
Craig Pritchard 7.42
Lauren Haverty 11.24
Mathew Cummins 12.32
Sam Massey 7.45
Nadine Magee 11.49
Sean Lundy 8.45
Julianne Mulcahy 13.08
Brendan Conroy 11.10
Eva Sterritt 9.26
Molly O’Brien 4.54
Finn Harris 3.18
Noah Harris 4.26
Sean Magee 5.31
Finn Ian 4.11
Alex Mulcahy 6.23
Kayleigh Moorhouse 6.13
Daniel Flemming 5.22
Rachel Dore 4.33

Handicapped CP Road Races

Race 1

Ben Docherty, Bray Wheelers, 1st
Conor Murnane, Orwell Wheelers, 2nd
Sean Murnane, Orwell Wheelers, 3rd
Deirbhle Ivory, Bray Wheelers, 4th

Race 2

Will Ryan, Bray Wheelers, 1st
Archie Ryan, Bray Wheelers, 2nd
Orla Conroy, Bray Wheelers, 3rd
Cormac O’Brien, UA 4th
Thomas Pickford, Bray Wheelers, 5th
Adam Doherty, Bray Wheelers, 6th
Mika Ryan, Bray Wheelers, 7th
Uisneach Sheridan, Orwell Wheelers, 8th
Craig Pritchard, Bray Wheelers, 9th
Sean Conroy, UA, 10th
Sean Cronin, Bray Wheelers, 11th

Race 3

Brendan Conroy, Bray Wheelers, 1st
Lauren Haverty, Bray Wheelers, 2nd
Sam Massey, Bray Wheelers, 3rd
Nadine Magee, Bray Wheelers, 4th
Mathew Cummins, Sorrento CC, 5th
Eva Sterritt, Bray Wheelers/WicklowTri, 6th
Elena Mulcahy, Bray Wheelers, 7th
Sean Lundy, Bray Wheelers, 8th

Race 4

Kayleigh Moorhouse, Bray Wheelers, 1st
Sean Magee, Bray Wheelers, 2nd
Finn Ian, Bray Wheelers, 3rd
Finn Harris, Bray Wheelers, 4th
Daniel Flemming, Sorrento CC, 5th
Noah Harris, Bray Wheelers, 6th
Rachel Dore, Bray Wheelers, 7th