RESULTS: Hill Climb Champs 2015

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RESULTS! Hill Climb Championships 2015.
Big thanks to Gillian Peelo, Beryl Gilmore and Barry O’Higgins for help tonight, we couldn’t have had a race without ye and to all riders, we can’t run races without ye either.

1st Geoff Robinson 6:11:87
2nd Pearse Egan 6:28:72
3rd David Hennessy 6:39:87
4th Ross O’Neill 6:40:70
5th Darragh Byrne 6:42:83
6th Ian Murphy 6:57:35
7th Diarmuid Kavanagh 6:59:40
8th Ben O’Higgins 7:01:67
9th Brendan Buck 7:06:64
10th Jason Howick 7:12:17
11th Lloyd Berry 7:22:86
12th Sam Gilmore 7:31:13
13th Rob Magee 7:35:39
14th Mark Loughran 8:16:41
15th Sarah Pratt 8:25:00
16th Keith Slowey 8:40:18
17th Tony Martin 8:43:32
18th Mary Dawson 8:48:37
19th Larry clarke 9:12:22
20th Brendan McAllister 9:19:90
21st John Tracey 9:44:64
22nd Vincent Price 9:59:43

1st Lady
Sarah Pratt 8:25:00

1st Junior
Ross O’Neill 6:40:70