RESULTS: Dermot McGrath League, Round 5 & Overall / Interclub, Round 4 & Overall

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The final round of the Dermot McGrath Summer League took place on Thursday evening last with a testing two laps of the Skirmish circuit. On a night where things were tight at the top it all came down to the placings on the final night to see who would take the win. Sratch eventually managed to pull themselves out of their perennial sportive mode and managed to ride hard enough to make up the handicaps on the night, taking a lot of the top places. Fourth place was enough for Sam Gilmore to clinch overall victory.

1st David Hennessy
2nd Darragh Byrne
3rd Diarmuid Kavanagh
4th Sam Gilmore
5th Pearse Egan
6th Ed O’Brien
7th Geoff Robinson
8th Sean O’Tuathaill
9th Ian Murphy
10th Scott Hannon

The overall points and positions based on everyone’s 4 best placings are –

1st Sam Gilmore 28
2nd Paolo Piccini 22
3rd Brendan McAllister 21
4th John Tighe 21
5th David Hennessy 20
6th Diarmuid Kavanagh 20

Congratulations to Sam Gilmore who’s 4th place gave him enough points to win the league overall. Brendan places ahead of John due to his two second placings and David ahead of Diarmuid due to his win tonight


The final Inter-Club race of the year took place on Tuesday evening around the Newtown/Newcastle circuit. Things were just as tight heading into the final round of this with two scratch men in the hunt for overall victory. While Scratch looked at each other and played games the rest of the groups on the road got down to the serious business of racing and swept up all of the placings which meant no change at the top. Andy Kavanagh took the spoils on the night and Louis Carnac wrapped up overall victory in what proved a very productive night for the men of Sorrento.

1st Andy Kavanagh SCC
2nd Billy Bourke SCC
3rd Lloyd Berry BW
4th Sean Greene BW
5th Aidan McKenna BW
6th Eamonn Walsh BW
7th Larry Clarke BW
8th Ben O’Higgins BW
9th Sean Dunne BW
10th Rob Lackey BW

Final inter-club league results 2015!

1st Louis Carnac SCC 26
2nd Jason Howick BW 22
3rd Dave Peelo SCC 20
4th Roy Bowden SCC 18
5th Pearse Egan BW 17
6th Diarmuid Kavanagh BW 16
7th Darragh Byrne BW 16
8th Geoff Robinson BW 15
9th Ian Murphy BW 14
10th Lloyd Berry BW 14


1st Lady Sarah Pratt BW

1st Vet Noel Conway BW

1st Junior Donal Devine BW