Group 3 caught the groups in front and stayed away until the finish. The bunch sprint was won by Sam Gilmore from a combination of groups 5/6 and semi-scratch

1st Paolo Picceni
2nd John Tighe
3rd Sam Meyer
4th Sam Gilmore
5th Donal Devine
6th Tony Martin
7th Sean Greene
8th Michelle Geoghan
9th Vincent Price
10th Graham Kearns

This leaves the leaderboard very tight at the top going into the final race. These are the scores so far and are subject to change when scores are adjusted to include the 4 best results only.

1. Paolo Picceni 22
2. Brendan McAllister 21
3. Sam Gilmore 21
4. John Tighe 21
5. Keith Slowey 13
6. Emma Hand 13
7. Vincent Price 12
8. Michelle Geoghan 12
9. Sean Greene 12