Long Spin (9:15) Sunday, July 8

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Long Spin (9:15) Sunday, July 8

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* Notice * Sunday long spin will NOT go south on N11 to Cullenmore/Ashford. For a change this week, we'll go instead up over to Blessington lakes and return by backside of Wicklow Gap.

We'll head out from Kilmac roundabout towards Enniskerry, left and right down steep hill, right, then veer left past Hostel, up to Glencree, left on Military Road, Sally Gap, right towards Blessington, first left over little bridge, left again at intersection, up narrow, little scenic climb. Descend into Laken. Then turn left heading towards gentle backside of Wicklow Gap, up and over into Laragh. Coffee there or keep going depending on mood (or how F*&£@ crowded it is)

Everyone welcome. We WILL wait at every summit for everyone.

I know it can be a drag for anyone not racing up each hill to reach the top and find a bunch of rested speedsters who hammer off to the next climb before you can catch your breath. Might I suggest... all fast climbers upon reaching top of each climb today descend back to last person and fall in behind, finishing everyone together. Then pause to rest and refresh together. This will add to your milage and may slow you down a bit.

About 96K. https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2137771600
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