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Folks, for summer league races 2 to 6, I've had to tweak/ add a few people that were late to join in or managed not to be captured in Spring league (my fault). NOTE: Race 1 marshals for Dermot McGrath posted on other thread. So please re-check for your name and assigned date below.

Also, for races 3 to 6 Im assigning a marshal from each race to act as race director alongside Barry. I can talk to you each in detail about this but Barry will have race maps, marshals assigned, sign on sheets and race groups. You just need to wave a flag :D

12th July
Mark Murphy (Race Director)
Geoff Robinson
Heidi Sheehy
John Tighe
Linus Devlin
Mike Claffey
Liam Murphy
Phil Hayden

19th July
Jason Howick (Race Director)
Sam Meyer
Eamon Walsh
Keith Slowey
Anthony Crean
Brian Harris
Mark McGrath
Darragh Byrne
David Conroy
Dylan Joseph
Odhran O'Caolilte
Ed O'Connor
Noel Conway
James Crean

26th July
Rob Magee (Race Director)
Patrick Biggar
Stuart Healy
David Bradley
Michael O'Neill
Patrick Fox
Sean Greene
Diarmuid Mac Mathuna
Diarmuid Purcell
Declan Mulligan
Joe Sheehy
Mary Dawson
Jennifer Nestor
Llyod Berry

2nd August
Justin Codd (Race Director)
Sean Connolly
Danny Conroy
Barry Cahill
Damien Doyle
Brendan McAllister
Bill Andrews
Sean O'Tuathail
Aidan McKenna
Roisin Mossop

9th August
Ian Murphy (Race Director)
Ben O'Higgins
David Gray
Brendan Buck
Scott Hannon
Jason Edwards
David Healy
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