Tuesday Night Training

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Tuesday Night Training

Post by murph »

Tuesday Night Training.
Tuesday night race training will leave Kilmacanogue at the earlier time of 7pm from next Tuesday 19th April.
We will leave the N11 and venture onto some new routes for our race training.
Please continue to bring lights and reflective vests for the next few weeks.
The improvement in riders taking part in the race training over the last few months is very obvious,and we hope to continue this improvement with some longer, hillier, testing Tuesday training.
Groups and routes will be decided on the night and all Bray Wheeler racers are welcome.
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Re: Tuesday Night Training

Post by michaelemberley »

Not many showing up for the Tuesday night hill runs last few weeks...

Maybe because they are perceived as too hard? Yes, they are meant to be hard uphill training. And no, it does not make sense for the younger, fitter guys to be sitting around waiting at the top, getting cold muscles.

But there is no reason we can't run a second, hard, but less intense, wait-for-everyone group if their is interest. We can run different types of hill workouts: Handicap climbing - slowest up first, then chase, big gear out of saddle climbing, small gear spinning climbing, first up come back and climb again, attacks, etc. We could even do a few descending classes, for those who feel a bit shaky going down....

I know every bit of tilted road close to Kilmac start. We can even start someplace else if it suits.

Think about it.
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