Bray Wheelers Spins

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Bray Wheelers Spins

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Just a reminder, to anyone participating in the Bray Wheelers spins.

Everyone who takes part in spins need to be a current member of Bray Wheelers, and also have cycling membership of Cycling Ireland, or IVCA equivalent.

Please see the New Members page on this website for all the forms you need to join the club, and take out Cycling Ireland membership.

It important that everyone taking part is aware of this.

Just a reminder to all members that hard shell helmets are required for Bray Wheelers training spins and club races. This rule was voted in by a large majority at the 2011 AGM.

It is a simple yet vital safety measure, which greatly reduces the risk of a head injury during a fall.

Its impossible to put a price on ones life, but I can say with certainty, that its more that the small price of a helmet.

We all know of members who have had close calls, and by wearing a helmet you have a much greater chance in an accident.

I hope it will not take a serious crash to make people realise that it is in everyones interest to wear hard shell helmets, and minimise the risk of the sport.

Many thanks!!!

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