Route for Solo or Family Off Road Spin

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Route for Solo or Family Off Road Spin

Postby MarkLoughran » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:35 pm

With the new situation with Covid-19, club members may wish to get out for a solo or family ride.

I did this route on Sunday 15th March with my daughter.

It's a very suitable and nice off road spin for anyone new to off road, with only the odd short sections requiring walking with your bike. The scenery is beautiful, and as long as you keep your distance from other people in the woods etc, its good to get outdoors. Suggest bringing a picnic, so you do not have to stop at the coffee shop in Powerscourt.

Route description:
(please note, we accidentlly left strava on after getting back into the car in Djouce, so please disregard that part)
Start and finish at Djouce middle car park.
This car park is on the road from the Old Long Hill to Roundwood village.
The first 300m of downhill can be walked with your bike, if you are new to MTB, its a little steep and rocky if new.
Then the rest are on fire roads, and flat trails, and apart from some mucky bits, are 95% very ridable for beginners.
The route winds all downhill through Djouce woods, and brings you out in Powerscourt waterfall.
This is suitable for kids approx 10 years and upwards.
You may wish to leave kids with one adult in your party, while the other cycles back via the road section from Powersrcourt to Djouce car park, as this has some quite steep uphill sections, to get your car, and collect everyone.
Otherwise, you can all can cycle back via road, but this might be a bit too challenging for young kids.

Hope you enjoy it if you try it.
Stay safe and well.

Best wishes
Mark Loughran

Feel free to call me, and I can talk you through the route on the phone 086 822 5310
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