Non-Tech Time Trial Start Times, Thursday 20th April 2017

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Non-Tech TT 20th April 2017

Start Time: 7pm

Please arrive to the start line in good time

Non-Tech TT Rules:
-No TT Bike / Frame
-No TT bars
-No Full Disk Wheels
-No TT Helmet
-No Skinsuit
-All riders must have a number pinned (visible on left side)

NOTE: Deep rims, aero helmet and overshoes are allowed. No time will be given to riders breaking rules above.
Anyone that did not sign on at the clubhouse last Thursday that would like to ride the TT (and /or club league) please contact Pearse Egan (086 3909291) or Graham Kearns (087 9722431) by Wednesday 19th April please.

Marshals on the night are:
Odhran, Danny Conroy, John Tracey, Dave Hennessey.

Click for Meeting point 

Remember, the roads aren’t closed to traffic. Be mindful of cars etc. This can be a busy area and we want to make sure that everything goes off safely, so keep the junctions clear. Arrive 3-5mins before your scheduled time below, no need to be there any sooner unless you haven’t signed on yet (be there for 6.45 to sign on)

Best of luck to everyone!


Start Times:

Keith Slowey  7.00pm
David Bradley  7.01pm
Mary Dawson  7.02pm
Shane Kelly  7.03pm
Linus Delvin  7.04pm
Ralph Hance  7.05pm
Ian Murphy  7.06pm
Conor Barrett  7.07pm
Liam Williams  7.08pm
Barry Timmins  7.09pm
Joe Sheehy  7.10pm
Heidi Sheehy  7.11pm
Emmanuel Simonnet  7.12pm
Sean Dunne  7.13pm
Noel Conway  7.14pm
Lloyd Berry  7.15pm
Dave Gilmore  7.16pm
Liam Murphy  7.17pm
Eddie Daly  7.18pm
Geoff Robinson  7.19pm
Ian Mulvaney  7.20pm
Darren O’Toole  7.21pm
Michelle Geoghegan  7.22pm
Mark Loughran  7.23pm
Gary Smith  7.24pm
Will Ryan  7.25pm
Archie Ryan  7.26pm
Pat Byrne  7.27pm
Damien Doyle  7.28pm
Sean connolly  7.29pm
Declan Crean  7.30pm
Justin Codd  7.31pm
Mark Mulcahy  7.32pm
Anto Crean  7.33pm
Dermot Hickey  7.34pm
Marty Sheridan  7.35pm
Franco DiRuscio  7.36pm
David Carr  7.37pm
Eamonn Walsh  7.38pm
Vincent Price  7.39pm
Jason Howick  7.40pm
Ed O’Brien  7.41pm
Mark Murphy  7.42pm
Mike Claffey  7.43pm
John Spain  7.44pm
Sam Meyer  7.45pm
Brendan Buck  7.46pm
Rob Magee  7.47pm
Sean Greene  7.48pm
Tony Martin  7.49pm
Darragh Fisher  7.50pm
Darragh Byrne  7.51pm
Rob Lackey  7.52pm
Craig Pritchard  7.53pm
David Pritchard  7.54pm
Padraic Hamrock  7.55pm
Emmet Egan  7.56pm
Lorcan Byrne  7.57pm
Sandra Howard  7.58pm
Phillip Hayden  7.59pm
David Conroy  8.00pm
Declan Mulligan  8.01pm
Bill Andrews  8.02pm