New BWCC Spins Changes

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Bray Wheelers are making some slight changes to existing spins, and adding some new spins.

This is to better cater for member’s needs, arising out of feedback from the membership survey.

Spins are now as follows:


(NEW introductory spin) 20–22kph · 60km · Sundays only

Contact Sean McGeown 086 605 6073 & Whatsapp · Routes on TBC


(Kevin’s group) 22–24kph · 70km · Saturdays only

Contact Kevin Metcalfe 087 797 1712 & Whatsapp · Routes on BWCC Message Board


(NEW spin) 24–26kph · 80km · Saturdays

Contact Rory Ward 087 653 8634 · Routes on TBC


(was 10am spin) 26–28kph · 90km · Saturdays and Sundays

Contact Mark Loughran 086 822 5310 · Routes on BWCC Message Board and Facebook


(Race training spin) 28–30kph · 100km · Off season only · Saturdays and Sundays

Contact TBC · Routes on TBC

Reasons for the changes

  • Some people found the 10am spin too fast
  • Others found it difficult to move from Kevin’s spin to 10am spin, because of the wide gap
  • Some new members are not quite ready yet for Kevin’s spins

Other issues

  • It was too complicated and confusing for new members, different meeting points, times etc
  • The spin names no longer made sense (e.g. 10am spin at 9.15am)
  • Calling spins by average speed was hard to remember

What are the changes?

  • We are adding two new spins – one slower that Kevin’s – and one in between Kevin’s and the 10am spin
  • All adult road spins meet at the same time – 9.00am Summer time / 9.45am Winter time
  • All adult road spins meet at the same place, Kilmacanogue (Search Google maps: Johnny Fox Memorial) with different places along the path
  • New names based on colours
  • Single new contacts list
  • Faster groups leave first, 2 mins apart (so riders can drop back to next group)

What is needed for this to succeed?

  • Members will need to support these spins by coming regularly
  • We need people for leaders rota who can help new and existing spins