UPDATED: Introduction to Club Spins 2016

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Introduction to Club Spins 2016

Bray Wheelers will be commencing a beginners spin 8 week program starting on SATURDAY 27th February.

We will have a introduction meeting on the same night as the Swop Shop And bike maintenance tips night http://www.braywheelers.com/swop-shop-and-bike-maintenance-tips-night/ and we would encourage anyone thinking of riding these spins to attend.  We can answer any questions you may have on the night.

There will be one weekly ride alternating from Sunday one week to Saturday the next week etc..

All rides will begin from outside McDonalds at the top of the main street in Bray at 9.30am.

Full details of spins and schedule will be available on the website shortly.

This program is aimed at all adult beginner cyclists and is run by qualified Bray Wheelers cycling coaches. The aim of the program is to progress riders from these beginners spins to more advanced weekly 9.45 and 10.00am group touring spins.

All riders will be assessed by qualified coaches


All riders thinking of attending these rides, should currently be able to ride between 30KM and 50KM comfortably.

Fully road worthy bike, with drop handlebars  (no flat handlebars please)
Hard-shell Helmet must be worn at all times
Riders must sign-on at beginning of spin
Puncture repair kit
2 spare tubes
Money (for coffee stop)
Please dress suitably for the weather conditions


Riders must sign-on at beginning of spin
Beginners may attend 3 rides before becoming members of Bray Wheelers and Cycling Ireland


For more information contact

Damian Doyle 087 160 3449
Eamon Kearns 087 257 0416