Inter-club TT league, race 3

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Please see below results of inter-club TT league, race 3.

Anto Dunne Bray 1st
Noel Conway Bray 2nd
Joe Christian Bray 3rd
Jason Howick Bray 4th
Rob Magee Bray 5th
Ben O’Higgins Bray 6th
Jennifer Duffy Bray 7th
Claire McEntee Bray 8th
Eamonn Walsh Bray 9th
Orla McEvoy Bray 10th
Sam Gilmore Bray 11th
Sarah Pratt Bray 12th
Muriel Haire Bray 13th
Margarete Clarke Bray 14th

Many thanks to marshals, photographers and helpers on the night.