Cyclists wanted for event on April 1st!

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THIS EVENING starting at 6.30 at the Kilmac roundabout (just before the usual Tue night training session),  Areaman Productions will be filming a Bray Wheelers peleton in action – weather permitting (though it looks to be fine).  The footage will be used in a short film as part of the UCD “Faces of Research” series which will feature Bray Wheeler and all around nice guy … Mike O’Neill.

For those of you dedicated racers worried about missing training, the filming will merely provide a nice gentle warm up for the 7.30 session 

If you wish to be part of the project please contact Mike ( so that we can be sure we will have sufficient numbers of Bray Wheelers, and don’t forget to show up in your Bray Wheelers kit to ensure your 15 seconds of fame, and to maximise exposure for the club.

P.S. This is NOT an April Fool’s prank. It’s happening on this day as it’s the first Tuesday after the clocks change to Summer time which gives us the desired combination of daylight, hopefully the most possible Bray Wheelers, and will allow Areaman Productions to meet their April deadline.
You can find earlier films made by Areaman ( on the UCD Faces of Research series at and about Mike at

We would appreciate if as many people as possible could make the effort to get there!