Coaching Info

General Group Cycling Guidelines


1: Always have your bike in 100% good working order.

2: When chatting always keep you focus on the road and especially on the bike in front of you.

3: Always cycle behind the person in front of you and not up beside their back wheel, this is a primary cause of crashes.

4: When in a group have your fingers either placed or “tethering” the brakes so you are ready at a seconds notice to slow up or avoid a collision ahead.

5: Always pass on the road obstruction calls. When possible compliment with hand signals they are more effective at pin pointing the location of the obstructions and avoid a general panic reaction and risk of crash.

6: Always always concentrate on the bikes in front. if you loose concentration you (and those behind you) crash

7: Always be prepared for a rider in front getting off the saddle (standing on the pedals) This causes a momentary loss of momentum and often results in wheels touching and resulting in crash. Be especially alert for this at the base of inclines and climbs

Group Rotation Guidelines


1: Always cycle in parallel pairs – don’t “half wheel” e.g. cycle 1-2 feet in front of the person beside you.

2: Always rotate around in an anticlockwise direction and never never jump across to a gap beside or diagonal to you as this upsets the whole formation of the group cycle.

3: Ideally the group rotates at a minimum every 2 minutes. However can be reduced depending on the nature of the cycling. It is the Group members responsibility to call out if the change does not happen in the expected time frame.

4: When riding at the front and its your turn to “move up and over to the left” do so very steadily – very often people sprint up and fly on ahead 10-20 meters.

5: The group NEVER slows down, its the outside line that moves up.

6: If you are finding the “going” too hard just stay at the back

7: When at the front be very conscious that you are cycling with a group. No sudden movements.

8: When its your turn in front, get in position and MAINTAIN the same speed you had when in the bunch. Do not go slower do not go faster (unless road and overall circumstance dictate)

9: Also if you see others not concentrating or not moving up – SHOUT. Its everyone right to do this. The group safety is at risk.