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Christy McManus and Ronnie Coates Memorial Races

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Christy McManus Memorial Race


Ronnie Coates Memorial Race

Sat 27th July 2019

The Christy McManus Memorial Race for A3 and A2 riders, and the Ronnie Coates Memorial Race for A4 riders, will take place on Sat 27th July 2019.

The sign on and race HQ will be Roundwood GAA Hall.

The race will roll out from Roundwood GAA, and proceed to Annamoe, turning left in Annamoe, straight through Tomriland, followed by left at Boleynass junction, and reach the start/finish line of the circuit just before Ballyduff Cross.

There will be 94km (roll-out plus 7 laps) for the A3 and A2 Christy McManus Memorial.

And there will be 59km (roll-out plus 4 laps) for the A4 Ronnie Coates Memorial.

Check out this map on MapMyRide: 11.42 km Christy Mc/Ronnie Coates

Roll out

Distance: 11.42 km


Check out this map on MapMyRide: 11.87 km Christy Mc/Ronnie Coates


Distance: 11.87 km


Race HQ and Start – Roundwood GAA Club, Co. Wicklow

Christy McManus Memorial – 94km A3/A2 Race, roll-out + 7 laps

Sign-on 9am–10.15am, race start 10.30am

Ronnie Coates Memorial – 59km A4 Race, roll-out + 4 laps

Sign-on 12noon–1.15pm, race start 1.30pm

Contact Mark Murphy 086 810 4648

For further info see www.braywheelers.com