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To keep us all motivated to get out on our bikes during the winter, your BWCC Committee is running the Winter Challenge again. Celebrate our 75th anniversary by doing 5 events in 7 days for 75k. And do that 5 weeks in a row.

Here’s how the Challenge works:

  • It runs for 5 weeks, Mon 5 Feb 2024 – Sun 10 Mar 2024.
  • You commit to completing at least 5 activities per week.
  • You commit to completing at least 75k per week.
  • Any activity is allowed (biking, hiking, swimming, etc ..) but it has to be captured on Strava.
  • The activities must be uploaded to Strava by midnight of Sun on each week.
  • We will help you track it over the 5 weeks.
  • Membership of BWCC and Cycling Ireland is needed to take part in the challenge.
And remember, Winter Miles means Summer Smiles ! 
Your BWCC Committee