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Paddy Martin

… Randonnee – Sat 1st July 2018

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Shay Elliott

…Memorial Race, Sunday 13th May 2018

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Bray Wheelers will run 18 club races this season.

Bray Wheelers have over 120 members signed up as racing members.

Bray Wheelers will need all of the racing members to fulfil their marshalling duties to run the races in a safe manner.

If for any reason you are unable to fulfil your allocated marshalling duty, please arrange for a swop with another racing member of Bray Wheelers.

Racing will not take place if the required number of marshals do not turn up.




Harry Dawson League Race 1.   May 5th 2016


  1. Bill Andrews
  2. Stuart Bigger
  3. Patrick Bigger
  4. Barry Cahill
  5. Sean Connolly
  6. Damien Doyle
  7. Dennis Fielding
  8. Damien Flanagan
  9. Paolo Picceni
  10. John Tracey
  11. John Tighe
  12. Brendan Mc Allister


Harry Dawson League Race 2. May 12th 2016


  1. Eamonn Walsh
  2. Darragh Byrne
  3. Barry Timmons
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Ciaran Carroll
  6. Michael O Neill
  7. Liam Murphy
  8. Mark Loughran
  9. Anthony Crean
  10. Daniel Conroy
  11. Alan Bermingham
  12. Simon Edmonds
  13. Emma Hand
  14. David Hennessy
  15. Tom Miley


Harry Dawson League Race 3 May 19th 2016


  1. Lloyd Berry
  2. Brendan Buck
  3. Ian Chandler
  4. Noel Conway
  5. Mary Dawson
  6. Maurice Dore
  7. John Dunne
  8. Pearse Egan
  9. Michael Emberley
  10. Stephen Hampson
  11. Diarmuid Kavanagh
  12. Aidan Mc Kenna
  13. Dave Mc Neaney
  14. Mark Mulcahy
  15. Ed O Brien


Harry Dawson League Race 4 May 26th 2016


  1. Michelle Geoghegan
  2. Ian Mulvaney
  3. Paul Fahy
  4. Paul Donoghue
  5. Eddie Daly
  6. Colm Connolly
  7. Phillip Hayden
  8. Noel Kelly
  9. Darren O Toole
  10. Paddy O Sullivan
  11. David Tilly
  12. Chris Keegan
  13. Ger Ivory
  14. Eamonn Kearns


Harry Dawson League Race 5 June 2nd 2016

  1. Lorcan Byrne
  2. Colm Callally
  3. Mick Claffey
  4. Gill Haverty
  5. Justin Codd
  6. Declan Crean
  7. J.P. Croake
  8. Linus Devlin
  9. David Dallaghan
  10. David Gilmore
  11. Sam Gilmore
  12. Brian Harris
  13. Rob Lackey
  14. Tony Martin
  15. Marty Sheridan


Harry Dawson League Race 6 June 9th 2016


  1. Paul Lee
  2. Aidan Kelly
  3. Scott Hannon
  4. Ian Murphy
  5. Anthony O Conaill
  6. Ben O Higgins
  7. Sean O Tuathaill
  8. Keith Slowey
  9. Ralph Hance
  10. Rob Magee
  11. James Kelly
  12. Orla Hendron
  13. Richard Kavanagh
  14. Jason Howick
  15. David Hayes
  16. Sandra Howard


Harry Dawson League Race 7 June 16th 2016


1.Sean Dunne

  1. Andrew Warnick
  2. Darragh Rowley
  3. Dermot Hickey
  4. Redmond O Toole
  5. Declan Kelly
  6. Ruaidhri O Sullivan
  7. Ellen Phelan
  8. Anthony Dunne


Bray Wheelers Club Time Trial Championships June 23rd 2016


  1. Sean Dunne
  2. Aidan Bermingham
  3. Barry Cahill
  4. Colm Callally
  5. Dave Dallaghan
  6. Declan Crean
  7. Padraic Hamrock
  8. Michelle Geoghegan
  9. Simon Edmonds


Dermot Mc Grath.

Summer League. Race 1.   30th June 2016

Anthony O Conaill
Ciaran Carroll
Sean Dunne
Michael Emberley
Ger Ivory
Colm Ferrari
Stephen Hampson


Dermot Mc Grath

Summer League. Race 2.   7th July 2016


Odhran O Caoilte
Tom Miley
Sam Meyer
Shane Kelly
Brian Harris
Graham Kearns
James Kelly
Jason Howick
Richard Kavanagh
Sean O Tuathall
Orla Hendron
David Mc Neaney
Aidan Mc Kenna
Ben O Higgins
Keith Lacey
Sean Green


Dermot Mc Grath.

Summer League. Race 3.  14th July 2016


Bill Andrews
Stuart Bigger
Patrick Bigger
Brendan Buck
Darragh Byrne
Ciaran Carroll
Sean Connolly
Gill Haverty
Maurice Dore
Ross O Neill
Geoff Robinson
Paul Fahy
Damien Flanaghan
Darragh Rowley
Sam Gilmore
Padraic Hamrock
Dave Bradley


Club Championship

21st July 2016

(No associate members allowed in club Championship)


Diarmuid Kavanagh
Colm Ferrari
John Lynch
John Tighe
Aidan Kelly
Shane Kelly
Derek Cunningham
Orla Hendron
Brendan Mc Allister
John Tracey


Dermot Mc Grath.

Summer League. Race4.  28th July 2016


David Pritchard
Alex Dobbs
Andrew wernick
Dave Tilly
Stephen Thomas
John Spain
Keith Slowey
Lloyd Berry
Lorcan Byrne
Daniel Conroy
Mary Dawson
Denis Fielding
Padraic Hamrock
Phillip Hayden
Dermot Hickey
Anthony Crean


Dermot Mc Grath.

Summer League. Race 5   4th August 2016


Brendan Buck
Michael O Neill
Eddie Daly
Marty Sheridan
Michael Emberley
Vincent Price
Ross O Neill
Geoff Robinson
Chris Keegan
Rob Lackey
Ian Chandler
Scott Hannon
Declan Kelly


Dermot Mc Grat.

Summer League.   Race 6   11th August 2016


Mike Claffey
Patrick Byrne
Barry Cahill
Keith Slowey
Linus Devlin
Pearse Egan
Paul Lee
Mark Loughran
Emma Hand
Chris Keegan


Dermot Mc Grath

Summer League.  Race 7.   18th August 2016


Stephen Hampson
Sandra Howard
Andrew Wernick
John Tighe
Dave Hennessey
Paolo Picieni
Darren O Toole
Tony Martin
Graham Kearns
ED O Brien
Mark Mulcahy
Noel Kelly
Richard Kavanagh
Sam Meyer
Keith Lacey
Rob Magee
Ralph Hance
Darragh Rowley
Stephen Thomas
Ian Mulvaney
Liam Murphy
Ian Murphy
Dave Tilly
Ben O Higgins
Sean O Tuathaill


Hill Climb Championships

25th August 2016