Schedule of High Performance Seminars 2006
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Old Clubhouse on the Dargle Road, Bray, Co Wicklow

Wednesday 11th January Goal Setting Session , by
Adam Kelly
followed by Membership Renewal and New Online License Application Procedures

Wednesday 18th January Sports Nutrition Seminar , by
Adam Kelly

Wednesday 1st February Sports Psychology ,
by (to be confirmed)

Wednesday 8th February Massage for the Cyclist , followed by Bike Maintenance ,
by (to be confirmed)

Wednesday 15th February Cycling Specific Yoga ,
by (to be confirmed)

Adam Kelly profile
Personal Trainer, Director of Zest Training Ltd. BSc Sports Science, Des, Dip. Life Coaching (TLI). Adam Kelly Graduated with an Honours Degree in Sports Science in 1998. He is a graduate of the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business. Since then he has worked in the Glenview Health and Leisure Club as well as working abroad in Australia where he became a "spinning" instructor. He recently completed further studies through the Life Coach Institute to become a Life Coach. Adam has cycle raced at a national level all his life and gained his Leinster Cap. in 2000. He recently co-founded Wicklow Triathlon Club and set up a High Performance Programme for the Bray Wheelers Cycling Club. You can contact Adam directly or call him directly 0872 416155 or 01-2763075.

A Short Review of the High Performance Coaching Meetings 2005, by Adam Kelly
The level of interest shown in these meetings is very impressive and is reflected in the large numbers attending. The will to learn more and better ones self as a racing cyclist will hopefully pay off with results in the coming season. Just to emphasise that the overall aim of the coaching is to get better results by Bray Wheelers by training smarter and by racing as a team. Maybe we have won so little stage races because we have not raced as a team..... The immediate observations that I have made, is that there seems to be a seriousness and focus in our training like I have never seen before. Last night, on my way home (driving) in the rain at 9.45pm, I saw at least two groups of bray men out training! The weekend groups are consistent and well attended. Most people know what they are supposed to be doing, training wise at this time of the year, but some don't. Dont be afraid to ask older members of the club. Keep on asking questions and you will learn... Keep up the good work everybody and I hope that all racing members will be able to attend the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 16th February at 8pm at the Old Clubhouse on Dargle Road, with Ger Ivory, Michael ODonnell, Thomas Duggan, Derek Cunningham and John Lynch giving talks on their chosen topics.

Train in the rain, a few words to inspire Train in the rain,
Do intervals in a heatwave,
Do long rides in the snow,
train in the dark,
Leave home at sunrise,
train hard,
rest more,
Stop eating cakes,
stop stopping at cafes,
Eat more,
eat less,
quit beer,
drink herbal tea,
Buy fewer cds,
buy more fruit,
Sleep more,
sleep deeper,
Train when you dont want to,
Rest when you dont want to,
Give up a social life,
grow big quads,
Lose weight,
earn respect,
be proud of yourself,
Bridge gaps,
create gaps,
buy bigger chainrings,
Win sprints,
annihilate old PBs,
set new PBs,
Scoot up hills,
plummet down them,
Be a dropper rather than a dropped,
Be fast,
not last.


The High Performance committee is a new initiative set up and Chaired by Adam Kelly for the 2005 season. It will assist riders at different levels achieve their goals, help with nutrition, sports psychology and all aspects of bike riding. Meetings take place every fortnight before and during the season. Anyone interested in racing in 2005 or simply improving their performance should attend.

Meeting One
Thursday 6th January 2005 A brainstorming session was held at the first meeting. Topics of relevance to those who wish to improve their performance were brought up and listed, and everyone present was assigned a topic to research and present a talk on.

Group Training Spins
Urban Monks jnr gave an informative talk on the group training spins, raising many issues for discussion. As a result of this discussion, new arrangements are being tested to re-organise training sessions.

Massage for Cyclists
Michael Thompson gave a very interesting talk on the role and benefits of massage for riders participating in stage races. Mike was the masseuse for the Wicklow Rs team in 2004, and contributed hugely to the success of the team. His talk included how massage can help repair tears in muscular tissue, and reduce inflammation, allowing the blood, which carries oxygen and sugars, to circulate more freely.

Urban Monks snr gave a very interesting talk on what riders should wear and carry to wear throughout the year. He also stressed the importance of wearing a helmet.

Meeting Two, Wednesday 19th January 2005

The second meeting was a great success, with a big turnout, and very informative talks given by Adam Kelly and John McDermott on Nutrition, and Urban Monks on Trust and Organisation, and Urban Monks jnr on Training Groups.

Meeting Three, Wednesday 2nd February 2005
This meeting was one of the best sessions yet, with Tadhg MacIntyre, Sports Psychologist, assisted by Hanna, holding a discussion and workshop on how cyclists can use sports psychology to their best advantage, both in competition and training. Bray Wheelers would like to sincerely thank Tadhg and Hanna for providing this excellent evenings talk.

Meeting Four, Wednesday 16th February 2005
This meeting was a very informative session with Tom Duggan giving a talk and demonstration on bike maintenance, Ger Ivory gave a talk and discussion on time management and Urban Monks and John Dunne gave tips for sprint finishes.


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