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Information on how to Join Bray Wheelers

Bray Wheelers New Member Guide

One very handy new resource for new members, written by Rory Ward

2023 Membership of the club costs

Adult Membership – €40.00

U23 Membership – €20 (limited to U23 riders that are in full time education)

U18 – FREE

Family Membership – A 50% discount for second or subsequent family members is available (married / partners / children) once all persons are residing at the same address.

In addition, any member who wishes to take part in either open or club races is required to have a Cycling Ireland Limited or Full Competition licence. And any member who wishes to take part in Club Cycling Spins, must have a Cycling Ireland Leisure Licence.

This year all applications to join Bray Wheelers will be done via the Cycling Ireland website.

You must first join Cycling Ireland and then there will be an additional option to join the club and pay the club fee.

Also please take note of your marshaling requirement. This year the Shay Elliot is on May 7th. The race is going to be part of the Cycling Ireland National Road Series and will be the final event in the series.

If you wish to apply to become an Associate Member of Bray Wheelers (a member who is a member of another CI affiliated club), please can you email with your request.

A  note from Lloyd Berry, Membership Secretary

Dear club members,

With regard to cycling with the club we offer different ‘colour’ spins, at 9.45am winter time and 9am summer time, with info as follows:

  • BWCC RED GROUP 20–22kph · 60km · Sundays only · Contact Sean McGeown 086 605 6073 & Whatsapp · Routes on BWCC Message Board and Facebook
  • BWCC ORANGE GROUP · (Kevin’s group) 22–24kph · 70km · Saturdays only · Contact Kevin Metcalfe 087 797 1712 & Whatsapp · Routes on BWCC Message Board
  • BWCC YELLOW GROUP · 24–26kph · 80km · Saturdays only · Contact Rory Ward 087 653 8634 · Routes on BWCC Message Board and Facebook
  • BWCC GREEN GROUP · 26–28kph · 90km · Saturdays and Sundays · Contact Mark Loughran 086 822 5310 · Routes on BWCC Message Board and Facebook

As you head southbound through Kilmac take the slip road at the Topaz Station and the group meets at the roundabout, just beside the Johnny Fox memorial monument. Routes are posted on the website message board every Friday by the spin leaders.

We have a race training group (Jan to March/April) which leaves from the same meeting point and will cover approx 100kms at avg 30–32kph.

Our Couch to 50k will start in March 2023 and again notification will be posted on the website and emailed out.
Any person wishing to join the club can join one of the groups for 2–3 spins to see if it is for them. If you wish to continue cycling with the club you must join and take out a licence, no exceptions.
All organised spins will incorporate a coffee stop at about three quarters distance.

Our club racing season runs from April to August and full details will be provided.
Bray Wheelers also have a strong representation at the various randonees that are run around the country. Although trips to these events are not organised by the club committee we have a core of members who attend and notifications will be put up on the club website. It would be great to see more Bray jerseys in attendance at these events.

Please keep an eye on the club website for updated information regarding all club activities.

To participate in Bray Wheelers activities you will require a licence from Cycling Ireland For those who wish to compete in open races you will require a full competition licence, if you only wish to compete in Club races the licence is Limited Competition and for those who wish to participate in leisure activities the licence is Leisure. These licences are bought from CI directly through their website.

If any of the above information is unclear please do not hesitate to contact me.
We wish you many happy miles of safe cycling.

Lloyd Berry
Membership Secretary

Membership and Licence Renewal – Outline and FAQs

All people wishing to cycle with Bray Wheelers must have a licence from Cycling Ireland (CI) for insurance purposes, no exceptions.

Once you have returned your Bray Wheelers application form you can then apply for a licence.

How do I apply for a licence?

A CI licence can now only be applied for online. CI will not process any cheques or documentation delivered by post. The online process has a number of stages, application, CI approval, Club approval, payment and licence issue, but is a really simple process.

What type of licence do I need?

Your licence type will depend on what type of cycling activity you wish to do with Bray. If you are new to CI and wish to participate in the leisure spins only, then the intro licence will be applicable. If you would like to take part in club races then the limited competition licence will be needed, if you wish to enter the open races then you will need a full competition licence.

I am over 40 (men), 35 (women), do I have an option for a racing licence?

Yes. The IVCA run a complete series of road races and TT’s from March through to September. The racing tends to be a little safer than those run by CI due to the older age profile and smaller numbers participating. Membership of the IVCA can close early in the year as numbers are limited. Membership forms and further information is available on the website noted below.

Can I use my CI licence to compete in IVCA races?

No. When you join the IVCA your fee covers all races during the year and you are categorised based on ability so it is impossible to cater for spot entry.

Can I use my IVCA licence to compete in CI races?

No. The IVCA licence only covers you for IVCA events.

I am new to racing and would like to participate, what would the club recommend?

As a suggestion it might be an idea to start with our club racing season which runs from April to July. This will give you an idea where your level is at before spending additional money on a full licence and finding you cannot compete at the required level. There is nothing to stop you applying for a licence with CI at any level and see how you get on.

What riding group will suit me best?

We have four groups which run for most of the year and the Couch to 50k will start again in the new year. The best suggestion is to start with the Red Group and then you can move up accordingly. Please ensure you pick the correct group.

A few further points to note

  • Helmets are compulsory for all Bray Wheelers cycling activities.
  • The rules of the road must be obeyed at all times.
  • Any unlicensed members or non paid up members cycling with a Bray Wheelers group may be asked to leave the group.

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