2016 Club League Members

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The 2016 Club League season is fast approaching and we will begin on Thursday 28th April with our usual leg & lung opener on the N11 – the 11km Time Trial. Full details will follow. Pacing for the Time Trial should be as follows:

  1. Start Hard
  2. Go Hard in the middle
  3. Finish Harder

At the link below you will find a list of all members who have indicated their intention to race, over 100. You can appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes by club volunteers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. So to help us please take 10 seconds to open the list; check that you are listed and, check your CI licence to make sure it is Limited or Full Competition.

Riders without a licence or with a Leisure licence will be unable to take part.

2016 Club League Members

If you should be on the list above and are not there please contact BrayWheelers@gmail.com