2014 Presentation Night – 8pm Tomorrow Night!!!!

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We are holding a presentation night at 8pm on Thursday next, 25th September in Duffs bar, Bray! 


Presentations will be made for all of our Harry Dawson, Summer League, Hill Climb, Time Trail and road race champs. We would very much appreciate if all medal winners could make an effort to attend to collect their awards.


Come see what your club mates look like without their sexy lycra, leave the power meters at home, and there’ll be no talk of Garmins or other Strava nonsense. Operating a strict code of “no man will be left behind” the pace will be easy, the conversation natural! So whether for a soda or a pint, an hour or a few, make the effort to pop along and top off what has been another successful year for the club.


Our winners for the year were:

Harry Dawson League:

  1. Paul Fahy
  2. Linus Devlin
  3. Mary Dawson
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Pat Byrne
  6. Liam Murphy

Summer League:

  1. Seán Connolly
  2. Paddy O’Sullivan
  3. Barry Timmons
  4. Darragh Byrne
  5. Scott Hannon
  6. Michael Emberley

Womens League:

  1. Sarah Pratt
  2. Mary Dawson
  3. Jane Martin
  4. Eilish Bradshaw


Hill Climb:

  1. Geoff Robinson
  2. Noel Conway
  3. Mark Murphy
  1. Sarah Pratt
  2. Mary Dawson
  3. Jane Martin

1st unplaced Vet – Scott Hannon

Junior – Anthony Clarke


Club Champs:

  1. Jason Howick
  2. John Spain
  3. Geoff Robinson
  1. Sarah Pratt
  2. Mary Dawson
  3. Jane Martin

Vet – Noel Conway

Junior – Conor Davenport

U16 – David Conroy


TT Champs:

  1. Noel Conway
  2. Ed O’Brien
  3. David Hennessy
  1. Mary Dawson
  2. Eilish Bradshaw
  3. Margaret Clarke

1st unplaced Vet – Mark Murphy

Junior – Sam Gilmore