10am Spin Discipline

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For the benefit of all taking part in the 10am spin, the spin leaders will be making sure we all stick to the recommended average speed of 25 to 28kph.

Any faster riders are always welcome, but we must insist that anyone taking part respects that speed. And riders are asked not to increase the pace while on the front, or spend any more time on the front that any other rider.

Riding more than two abreast is not allowed.

We try to always take into account any new members, or any riders, who might be struggling.

It’s a social spin, and we need to grow our membership, and make sure it’s as suitable as possible for all willing to give it a go.

We welcome any new riders to take part in the 10am spin, and while we do allow riders to climb major hills at their own pace, we always wait to re-group at the top.